Healthy Skin That Feels Great On So Many Levels
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EverLasting Herb Farm

Since 2003, Everlasting Herb Farm has made premium, small batch, organic herbal skin care products for people who want healthy skin that feels fabulous. Our products begin with plants that have been grown sustainably and end with a myriad of details that protect people, pollinators and the planet.


Many of the plants we use in our herbal body care products are grown organically in fields that surround us. We believe it is our responsibility to give back to the environment that provides so bountifully for us. Sustainability is something we take very seriously. From composting food scraps to put nutrients back into the soil, growing cover crops that are beneficial to pollinators as well as the soil, and carefully re-using packing materials to reduce waste, our thoughts are always on what is best practice for a greener environment. These are just a few of the reasons why our products feel great on so many levels!



Co-owners Wendy Mackenzie and Matthew Langham met in the Dominican Republic in early 1991. Wendy was a Peace Corps Volunteer, and Matthew was an engineer from England building a bridge. A chance encounter in a swimming pool led to a first date. In 1998 they bought a fixer upper 1840’s farmhouse in Peacham, Vermont. Surrounded by state forest land and beautiful gardens, they started Everlasting Herb Farm in 2003. Wendy has studied herbalism for over 20 years. Matthew’s engineering ability comes into play every day. He is always fixing something, or lately, building a new barn to house the business.