Healthy Skin That Feels Great On So Many Levels!

Everlasting Herb Farm

Since 2003, Everlasting Herb Farm has made premium, small batch, organic herbal skin care products for people who want healthy skin that feels fabulous. Our products begin with plants that have been grown sustainably and end with a myriad of details that protect people, pollinators and the planet.

Quality Ingredients

We organically grow many of the plants we use in our products. We ethically wild harvest plants on our land as well. When we buy ingredients, we choose high quality, organically produced carrier oils and plant based essential oils. Having done in-depth studies about carrier oils, we base our formulations on the properties that the oils naturally possess to increase the effectiveness of our recipes. All of our products are joyfully made in small batches, with great care and attention. We love working in a small town, off the beaten path, in a newly built workspace for our growing business and each of our products conveys this.


My Herbal Path

I grew up surrounded by beautiful gardens and woodland areas. Both my mother and grandmother were highly skilled gardeners who had a special affinity for plants. But it wasn’t until a guest speaker in my high school health class, Isabelle Hadley, passed around gorgeous jars of dried calendula and rose petals, and small vials of intoxicating essential oils, that I was drawn into the plant world. I began my studies of herbalism with Isabelle in her cozy log cabin in 1998.

Shortly after taking getting hooked on learning about herbs, we moved north to Peacham in Northern, Vermont. Our 1840’s farmhouse turned out be 30 minutes door to door from the famous herbalist, Rosemary Gladstar, who taught at Sage Mountain. At the same time, I interned at Zack Woods Herb Farm and was able to learn so much from Melanie and Jeff Carpenter. I was able to take classes, read books and work with plants when my children were little and I was a stay at home mom. In 2003, Everlasting Herb began as a way to put my love of making herbal products into practice.


Our Story

It all started when…

We met in the Dominican Republic. I was a Peace Corps Volunteer and Matthew, who was from England, was building a bridge in Santo Domingo, the capital city. A chance meeting in a swimming pool led to our first date.

Together we run our herbal business which was started in 2003. In 2018, I was able to leave teaching full time behind and just focus on our growing business. In May of 2019 we were able to move our business which had taken over our whole house, into a fully insulated, two story barn Matthew built by himself in our backyard in his spare time.

We fill orders large and small. We sell our products online, and locally at Joe’s Pond Craft Store in West Danville, Vermont. We also wholesale and can white label for large companies, making products with high standards to meet the specifications of the businesses we serve.

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Contract Manufacturing

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We make products to your specifications and put your labels on these products.

Since 2012, we have been white labeling for companies. We are extremely organized and efficient and can quickly fill large orders. We make lip balms, creams, salves, powders, using the highest quality, organic ingredients to meet the needs of our large retail customers. Please email us at wendy@everlastingherbfarm, or call us at 802-592-3111 for more information.