Adele successfully made tinted lip balm that colors your lips!

Adele, from Lyon France, has visited us in Vermont five times over the past seven years, so imagine our excitement when we learned that she needed to do an internship for her college program and she chose to come here for a sixth time! She wanted to learn how to make an organic, tinted lip balm that actually adds color to your lips.

It seemed like a simple idea, but unfortunately information about how to achieve her goal wasn’t widely published. She started with powdered alkanet root, but following the directions in most recipes she found, heating it for 5-10 minutes didn’t get the job done. Plus, the smell of the alkanet was off putting to people who were our product testers.

Undaunted, she tried beet root powder, cocoa powder, and hibiscus powder, but these ingredients didn’t achieve any skin coloring. So using the ingredients we had on hand, she went back to using the alkanet root. She added 20 grams of alkanet powder to 100 grams of olive oil and heated it for three hours in a double boiler. Leaving the herb to infuse in the oil overnight and straining the liquid through cheesecloth and a fine mesh strainer to remove most of the alkanet root powder, she had a strong, organic natural dye that tints lips the way she hoped it would. Plus, she found that heating the alkanet root removed the strong smell.

In total, Adele made 26 batches trying to make the perfect tinted lip balm. She created beautiful labels through Maestro Label Designer at Online Labels using their weather-proof label paper. She chose metal slider tins from SKS Packaging to package her tinted lip balm because she wanted the packaging to be recyclable. Lots of thought and attention went into her formulation of the lip tint. She tried many combinations using the oils, butters and waxes we had on hand to come up with a delightfully soothing lip balm that adds a lovely coloring to your lips.

You can buy her organic “Sweet Red” Lip Tint here on our website,